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Natinael is an only child. Sadly he is now living alone. His mother died of HIV when he was still a young baby. His father brought him up until he was 5 years old but soon after, his father also passed away. Being abandoned, Natinael was left on the street. He was living on the street for about two years after his fathers death. While living on the street, Natinael was earning a little money by cleaning shoes. Currently he is living with a family paying them 5birr each night for sleeping on a mat in their house. He doesn't get any food there. Natinael usually eats left over food from restaurants that are thrown out. Sometimes he doesn't eat at all. Natinael has no bed to sleep on. He walks bare foot and does not have good quality clothes to wear. He was therefore accepted into our programme.

Natinael is a little shy. He is enjoying school and likes to study English. After finishing his school, he wants to be a Doctor. He enjoys playing football with his school friends. He supports Man United. His favourite colour is green. Natinael likes cows because he loves drinking milk! He attends Church and goes sometimes after school.

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