A welcome song

India Wednesday, 02 March 2016
A welcome song

The Indo-Burma region, in the far North East of India, is an unsettled area troubled by tribal wars. Stand by Me began working in this area when we found out that there were hundreds of orphaned children whose parents had died through ethnic cleansing at the hands of insurgents. The Stand by Me Agape Children’s Home is a safe haven where forgotten children can grow in confidence and love.

When we began caring for children in India in 2005 there were strict border restrictions. We had a great team of local staff in India but our directors were unable to visit our children. Thankfully in 2014 the border restrictions were relaxed and although our directors have still been unable to travel to the Indo-Burma region, our children have travelled into Burma and met our directors there.

This January, David Spurdle, Executive Director, and Jonny Farrell, Northern Ireland Regional Manager, were in Burma visiting our children’s homes and schools. We hoped that David and Jonny would be able to hop over the border and visit the Agape Children’s Home. Our children were very excited at this prospect, so excited that they wrote and composed a welcome song for the special occasion.

However, we couldn’t get the correct permissions in time so the children visited Burma instead. The whole Agape family travelled to Tamu and had a very exciting time with David and Jonny there. It was at our Sophia Academy in Tamu that our kids from India performed the welcome song, they sang beautifully and one of their lyrics said:

 “From across the sea and ocean. We are able to receive your loving touch and care”

Our children in India are affectionate and sweet. Girls in India face deep rooted social attitudes which place little value on women’s rights often leading to violence, neglect and discrimination. It is such a joy to see that our young girls are thriving in their safe and loving home, knowing that they are loved, valued and have a much brighter future. Thanks to their sponsors they are able to receive love and care “across the sea and ocean.”

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