Access to an education, always.

Myanmar Friday, 03 December 2021
Access to an education, always.

The last year has been exceptionally hard for our children in Myanmar. The outbreak of civil unrest throughout the country has led to many people losing jobs, some having to flee their homes and children being unable to attend school.

We believe they all deserve the opportunity to learn and so we will always do all we can to care for our children and provide them with a thorough education even when circumstances are difficult. We continue to provide our staff with everything they need to care for our children and are helping those in desperate need with emergency supplies.

To provide our kids with every opportunity for an education, we have purchased tablets to allow them to still have access to education despite the chaos around them. These tablets enable our kids to access learning materials and engage with our staff.

Along with each tablet, we are also funding internet access and headphones so the children can participate in their Zoom classes. Our children can engage with their teacher, ask questions, talk with their friends and receive direct support. These tablets are a lifeline for our children's education and two of our children, Thang and Mang, described how they are impacting their learning:

“With the help of my tablet I can learn English and listen how to pronounce correctly from the English teacher. I can read some English now I have a tablet and I use it every day to learn my lessons. I am thankful to God and Stand by Me for providing a tablet for my online class. Thank you so much.” Thang

"I am so thankful for my tablet and the online classes I attend. I can see my teachers and friends from Zoom and I communicate with my teachers and send my homework through email. I’ve learned how to use email and ask questions to my teachers. I am so blessed.” Mang.

Ensuring our children can access a great education has never been more important. The provision of tablets, headphones, internet access and online classes run by our amazing teachers are helping our children get closer to achieving their dreams.

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