Celebrating Academic Success

Nepal Wednesday, 08 December 2021
Celebrating Academic Success

We love to celebrate our children’s achievements. Two of our students from Nepal have recently been awarded outstanding results in their SEE examinations (the equivalent to GCSEs). The pandemic forced Baburam and Aanggelu to overcome prolonged school closures and online learning. Despite these challenges, they have achieved this top honour. We are so proud of their hard work and dedication to their studies.

Baburam comes from a remote village where there were minimal opportunities for education. His parents struggled to afford necessities and school fees as their only income was from a small farm. Baburam joined our Stand by Me family ten years ago and is now at college with dreams of joining the British army one day. 

Aanggelu was cared for by his uncle but, sadly his uncle struggled to provide for his needs. We welcomed Aanggelu into the Stand by Me family in 2011 where he received the care he needed. Now he is at college and would like to train as a chef for trekking expeditions in his home district when this becomes a possibility again.

Both boys are respected as members of our Stand by Me family and they are an inspiration for our younger children. Both boys have thrived whilst in our care. Through opportunities and empowerment, they have achieved incredible things. They are looking forward to bright futures for themselves and their family.

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