Bethany School gives Sunita better prospects

Nepal Friday, 05 October 2018
Bethany School gives Sunita better prospects

Sunita lives in the Khairang, Nepal. High in the mountains, it is a isolated area where families are trapped in poverty and illiteracy.

Sunita's father has abandoned the family. She lives with her mother and they scrape a living by cooking for other people, selling a few vegetables and doing labouring work.

She has been a student at our Khairang Bethany Primary School for over a year now. She came to the Khairang with her mother and they have made their home near the school to allow Sunita the chance of an education.

Sunita’s mother wants to offer her daughter the opportunities that she missed out on and avoid her becoming a child bride as she was. An education at the Stand by Me school is offering Sunita everything that her mother could have hoped for and both of them are delighted with the prospects that this offers them for the future.

We've loved getting to know Sunita. She is a thoughtful and hard working girl who takes care with her homework and is learning to trust others with her friendship. Life has dealt Sunita a difficult set of circumstances but she is slowly gaining confidence that she is valued and can make positive choices for herself.

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