Building a secure children’s village in Shan State

Myanmar Wednesday, 25 March 2015
Building a secure children’s village in Shan State

Shan State is an area in the west of Burma troubled by war, conflict, persecution, poverty and the trafficking of children. The rigid control of resources by armed forces has resulted in the majority of the population living in extreme poverty and many children have been left orphaned or living without adequate care. This was the motivation for us to adopt two children’s homes in Shan State bringing care, an education and love to children in crisis. However, the accommodation of our Lashio Home and Mercy Home is rented and difficult landlords often raise the rent or threaten to evict the families. Due to the great needs of the children in Shan State and our current homes lacking in space and security, we now believe it’s time to build a Shan State Children’s Village.

A Shan State Children’s Village will enable us to bring a secure and loving home environment to the needy children in Shan State. One such child who will benefit is Na Leh.

Na Leh was born in Shan State but sadly not long after, Na Leh’s father died leaving her mother as the sole provider for Na Leh and her five siblings. Na Leh’s mother had no means of feeding or caring for Na Leh who was only 18 months old. In desperation, she was brought to our Lashio Children’s Home in Shan State.

Na Leh’s mother then travelled to China in an attempt to find work but has not been heard from since. Na Leh is the youngest in the Lashio Children’s Home, but thanks to the care and love of her new family, she now feels safe and happy.

We want to provide the best home environment for children like Na Leh and to do this we have decided to build a new Shan State Children’s Village. This will give Na Leh and her Lashio family a secure and purpose built home of their own. Visit the Shan State Children’s Village fundraising appeal page to help give Na Leh and her ‘brother and sisters’ the home they deserve.

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