Burma Floods: Relief teams

Myanmar Wednesday, 12 August 2015
Burma Floods: Relief teams

The great scale of this disaster has become apparent in the increasing number of people who have lost their homes to the rising waters and sadly the growing number of people reported to have lost their lives. Throughout the country, fields of crops have been ruined, roads and bridges have been destroyed and landslides have blocked transportation routes cutting off access to many areas preventing the delivery of food and clean water to those in need. The price of food is steeply rising and in some parts of Burma the price of rice has tripled. Transport routes are unlikely to be repaired rapidly and many predict that the price of rice, vegetables, fuel and other essentials will remain high making it increasingly difficult for the poor to afford to eat, a great cause of distress and worry.

How we are helping

Stand by Me have mobilised two teams to help the victims of the floods with the provision of food and clean water. Our team in the south took relief in a truck and then a boat to those in hardship in the Irrawaddy Delta. They spent the whole day distributing clean drinking water to the victims of the flood and met many people who had lost their homes and escaped with only their lives.

In Kalaymyo in the north of Burma the floods have caused distress and displacement so our team have opened the doors of the Lois School to shelter evacuated people with over 100 taking refuge in the school. The classrooms have transformed into a safe haven for the homeless and the families have received clothes and food. The team will be heading to the Chin Hills to provide relief once the bridge is reopened.

Please stand by the people of Burma in prayer, particularly our staff who have a heart to help the most desperate and those in urgent need of food and water. If you would like more information about this disaster please call us on 01708 442271 or visit our Burma Floods fundraising page where we will post regular updates.

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