Children rescued from flooding in Kalaymyo

Myanmar Wednesday, 15 January 2014
Children rescued from flooding in Kalaymyo

Flooding can bring not only destruction to an area but also loss of life. Brothers, Samuel, Ryan and Daniel experienced this recently when Kalaymyo, in Burma, was severely flooded and their parents died, leaving them with very little support.

There was heavy rain for three days and two nights in October 2013, which caused the ground to saturate and flood, forcing people to move to higher ground and seek safety. Roads were closed, bridges were damaged causing travel restrictions and many people had to evacuate their homes. Lives were turned upside down and destroyed.

News spread throughout Kalaymyo that more than 10 people had died and sadly, the parents of Samuel, Ryan and Daniel were two of these people who lost their lives. Their uncle had to take care of them and support them the best he could, but he was struggling to meet all their needs.

When these three precious boys were brought to the attention of Stand by Me, we knew immediately that they needed help, so we arranged to pay their school fees. They are now able to stay living with their uncle whilst receiving the support and financial security they need to attend the Grace School. Through their education, Samuel, Ryan and Daniel will gain skills and qualifications that will help to brighten their future.

Education is vital for every child and attending school will encourage the brothers, help to build their confidence and they will learn how to be responsible for themselves and their family in the future.

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