Esther: an inspiration

Myanmar Friday, 01 March 2013

From a baby who was abandoned at birth and later found out to be HIV, into a confident, healthy and talented young girl in our children’s home in Burma – Esther is a true example of what Stand by Me care is all about.

Esther was born in August 1999 with jaundice. On the day of her birth her mother left the hospital to buy medicine for her baby, but she never returned.

Days later when Sarah, a carer at the Agape Yankin Children’s Home, was meeting with a nurse at the hospital, she was told about Esther. After waiting three days, no one had returned for Esther so Sarah went to visit her. She said,

‘‘When we got to the hospital we found her surrounded by ants and the ward services were only watching her when they had free time. It was clear then that it was God’s will for us to take her’’.

Sarah immediately consulted with the doctor about Esther and found she was lacking in iron. As Sarah fed Esther with milk for the first time, he prayed that she would become like Esther in the Bible; a polite and godly girl who would be used by God to do great things.

Esther was welcomed into the children’s home but in August 2003, Esther was rushed to a clinic with a fever. They discovered the devastating news that she was HIV positive. With a new medication and enhanced food programme, Esther is now making excellent progress.

She is very bright, she is a positive girl and faithfully prays to God each day. She believes that as she sings, God is working in her. She has a great talent for singing, as you can hear on this film, and she sings at her church Sunday services. Esther also enjoys watching movies and playing badminton with her friends.

Esther has many friends at the home and is popular among the children. She is compassionate and always looking out for others. In August last year, she took her exams and did very well. She loves going to school, although her illness means that she isn’t always able to go, especially in the rainy season. Despite this, however, Esther always passes her exams with good marks.

When Esther grows up, she wants to be a doctor and, like Paul, she wants to help orphaned children. We feel privileged to know Esther and to be caring for her, so that she can go on to do great things in her future.

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