Everest Team depart

Thursday, 16 May 2013
Everest Team depart

Today marks the start of a challenge of a lifetime for this Stand by Me team, as they board a plane heading for Nepal to compete in the world’s highest marathon. The team will arrive with a few days to acclimatise before setting off on the 19th May on a ten day trek to reach Everest base camp – an arduous challenge in its own right. If that isn’t enough, two of the team will then be preparing to start there on a 26 mile marathon.

“Altitude is the most unpredictable challenge we face as we can’t envisage exactly how our bodies will acclimatise”, says Richard McBride, one of the team.

While the team are undertaking this huge challenge, they are raising money for the Nepal Children’s Home to help provide clean water, new clothes, school uniforms, school books, bunk beds, much needed furnishings – and a celebration camp for three days, in honour of Hillary and Tenzing, climbers who completed the first successful ascent of Everest 60 years ago. The children in Nepal have never enjoyed a camp before!

The team will be updating us on their challenge through their blog and if you would like to support the team with a donation, you can visit their Everest Challenge page. Don’t forget to leave a message for the team member you are supporting too.

Stand by... almost there...