Flooding in Burma

Myanmar Monday, 03 August 2015
Flooding in Burma

Western areas of Burma have been heavily flooded affecting thousands of people. Many people have been forced to leave their homes to escape the rising waters. People are hungry and homeless and in need of shelter and food but landslides have blocked roads and transport routes have been destroyed making access to food and materials challenging.

Although much of Stand by Me’s work is located near the flooded areas, we are very thankful that the floods have not directly affected the majority of our children’s homes and that all our children are safe. However, the floods have reached our Agape Yankin Children’s Home so the staff and children are taking measures to stay safe and collecting supplies to wait out the floods.

The floods have caused distress and displacement in Kalaymyo where a great majority of Stand by Me’s work is based. Our amazing staff there are thankful they can help by sheltering displaced people in our Lois School. Over 100 people are now taking refuge in the school and the classrooms which are usually full of students are now transformed into a safe haven for the homeless. The school has received donations of clothes, soap and toothbrushes and we are providing lunch for those seeking protection.

Headteacher of the Lois School, Ciang, told us “Whenever I step into the rooms seeing the faces of these old men, old women and children looking so safe and secure, I thank God for you!” Our wonderful staff are excited to be in a position to be a blessing to those in desperate need by helping shelter them at this time.

Our worry for the future is the rising price of food and its decreasing availability. Our desire is to deliver rice supplies to communities in need of food in Chin State however since the road is blocked there is, as yet, no way to do this. Please keep the people of Burma and our staff in your prayers.

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