Hannah's hard working attitude

Myanmar Wednesday, 15 February 2017
Hannah's hard working attitude

Hannah, age 13, came into our care seven years ago. Her life was turned upside down when Cyclone Nargis hit Burma, tragically killing her mother and paralysing her father. Hannah’s father passed away shortly after and at just seven years old Hannah was left to take care of her younger brother Andrew alone. But we had a home and a new family for her and welcomed the two of them to our Yangon Children’s Village.

Since that time, we have seen Hannah grow and see us as her family. We have always known that Hannah is a hardworking and intelligent girl and she continues to astound us by excelling in her studies. Every year, Hannah’s school gives awards to the best academically performing student and Hannah receives an award every time.

However, it is not only her intelligence that makes us proud. We are proud of her for so much more than that. Hannah has a lovely character and is incredibly humble. Although she has been through tragedy, she never gave up but always tried her hardest in every situation. Like all of us, Hannah has tough times but she has a strong faith and tells us how this encourages her to keep going.

Hannah is an amazing role model for the younger children at the Yangon Children’s Village and helps them whenever she can with their schoolwork.

This year Hannah started at a private school and unsurprisingly, she received first prize for her academic results. She is top of the class and her dream to be a doctor and help orphaned or impoverished children like herself is closer to being realised. We know her intelligence will take her far, but her work ethic, kindness and compassion will take her even further.

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