Meet Grace

Ethiopia Tuesday, 21 February 2017

It was a hectic day in Bekoji.

The UK medical team were busy screening our children from the Bethany School for HIV. Quietly, a police lady approached Ahmad, Stand by Me Operations Director. In her arms was what appeared to be a bundle of rags and inside the rags, a beautiful three week old baby girl. “Please take her” requested the lady. “And if we can’t?” asked Ahmad. “Then I shall place her back by the roadside to die” declared the officer forlornly.

Of course we took the precious bundle, and named her Grace. After giving her a full medical check up, we were happy to find she was well and free from HIV. We placed her in a small Stand by Me family home with an adopted mum and a new family of Stand by Me brothers and sisters.

From once abandoned and alone, left to die by the roadside, she has grown into a happy bundle of fun at the Bekoji Children’s Village. She loves to sing, dance and talk, a lot. She is full of confidence, full of hope and full of life. 

Just like Grace, all our kids are amazing. You can be involved in changing their lives and giving them hope through sponsorship

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