Stand By Me

HIV Food Programme replaces worry with hope

Ethiopia Thursday, 10 October 2019

15 year old Sena is kind and thoughtful, full of potential and, just like every child, deserving of a bright future. But Sena is living with HIV, causing her to worry. Today Sena is healthy thanks to the life-changing HIV Food Programme. She tells us how the programme has taken away her worries and helped her feel happy again. 

Samrawit’s birthday in her new home

Ethiopia Thursday, 20 June 2019

Sadly tragedy and unexpected loss are all too common for children in Bekoji. The Stand by Me Bekoji Children’s Village was built to care for children just like Samrawit, orphaned, abandoned and in need of a loving family. We welcomed her into our girls’ home after the death of her father and she immediately fitted in.

Kids receive smart uniforms

Ethiopia Thursday, 11 April 2019

Our kids in Dembi Dollo are energetic and have an eagerness to learn but their families do not have adequate income to afford everyday items such as new clothes and school uniforms. That’s why we provide our children around the world with new uniforms and our kids in Dembi Dollo recently received theirs.

Sena and her classmates head to high school

Ethiopia Thursday, 07 February 2019

We are proud to be educating and caring for 440 children in Dembi Dollo and have been amazed at their development since the school opened six years ago. Our first ever class of Grade 8 students sat their national exams to determine whether they can progress to high school. A total of 22 students took the exam and wonderfully, every one of them passed!

New kids join the Stand by Me family

Ethiopia, Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Stand by Me exists to change the lives of the children in our care, then to reach out and rescue more. This year we’ve been able to rescue 80 children in Ethiopia and welcome them into our Stand by Me schools in Dembi Dollo and Bekoji.

Meet Mersayit

Ethiopia, Tuesday, 09 October 2018

Meet 9 year old Mersayit. She lives in Ethiopia with her mum and sister. She's playful, helpful and always smiling. Mersayit's life is similar to that of many kids in Ethiopia, no bed, no toilet and no toys to play with. 

Relieving Galane’s worries

Ethiopia, Thursday, 13 September 2018

Galane has dreams and hopes just like all kids, but Galane carries the burden of living with HIV. We aim to remove all of the obstacles preventing children from reaching their dreams. Galane is now part of our HIV Food Programme and her health worries are relieved. 

Rescue kids in Ethiopia

Ethiopia, Saturday, 25 August 2018

Families in Ethiopia are trapped in poverty by the crippling burdens of malnutrition, lack of healthcare, early death, HIV and child labour. Despite the insurmountable challenges, Stand by Me is lifting families out of poverty and helping over 900 children achieve their dreams.

Laptops help students take the next step in their education

Ethiopia, Friday, 27 July 2018

Some of our amazing supporters have joined us to stand by our university students by helping to fund a laptop for each of the students!

Teams build adventure playground

Ethiopia, Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Stand by Me send teams to visit our work around the world and complete projects that enhance the lives of our kids. The Burley Group teamed up with Colin, Nigel and Tom to build something exciting for our kids in Bekoji – an adventure playground. 

Kadija’s new role as class monitor

Ethiopia, Wednesday, 04 April 2018

We love to see our children shine and we join them in celebrating their accomplishments, big or small. 10 year old Kadija is in grade 4 at our Abdi Academy in Dembi Dollo. She is an outstanding student and was recently chosen to be a class monitor!

Meet Sudi

Ethiopia, Friday, 16 March 2018

Meet Sudi and take a tour around her home in Dembi Dollo, Ethiopia! And find out how with Stand by Me's help, she now has a bright future ahead of her. 

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