Raincoats make rainy days fun!

Ethiopia Thursday, 26 August 2021
Raincoats make rainy days fun!

The rainy season in Ethiopia starts to build from June. Our children’s walks to school are cold and wet. Most of our children have very little clothing, other than the uniform we give them. 

Can you imagine day after day, sitting in school with wet clothes every day for months? When you get home, there is nothing to change into. No hot shower or clothes warming on a radiator. Just the same wet clothes you’ve been wearing all day. 

This is the reality for our children during the rainy season. Some of our children have to walk for 45 minutes in the rain to get to school. By the time they arrive, they are soaked to the skin. They get so cold they struggle to concentrate in class. 

But this rainy season is different! 

A wonderful team donated 853 Mac in a Sac raincoats for all our children, bought thanks to a generous discount from Target Dry. This kindness shows each child that they are loved and cared for.

The coats came in many bright colours. For our children, having something brand new is a luxury. Their clothes and toys are usually hand-me-downs or shared between siblings. Receiving a brand new coat, just for them, brought our children joy. You can see the confidence in their smiles as they tried them on. They were proud of how they looked.

Our children now arrive at school with dry clothes, warm hearts and big smiles. Their uniforms last longer. They can concentrate better. They have a beautiful coat that they are proud to wear.

This is the impact of generosity.

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