No child should miss out on an education due to ill-health

Ethiopia Friday, 23 July 2021
No child should miss out on an education due to ill-health

Our Abdi Academy School, in Ethiopia, recently ran a health drive. Over 300 students, staff and family members received a health check and were diagnosed and treated, when necessary. At Stand by Me, we are focused on giving holistic, child-centred care. We want our children to make the most of every opportunity and thrive because we believe that no child should miss out on an education due to ill-health.

Hygiene products were given to all students and staff along with training on how to utilise these products to keep themselves and their families healthy. Every child received soap, underwear, toothbrush and toothpaste, masks and sanitiser and de-worming tablets. These simple items enable families to keep clean and avoid disease and many common health problems, including Covid.

Furthermore, all students and family members affected by HIV were invited to health training on the importance of a proper diet and the correct way to take their medication. Ethiopia has made remarkable strides in controlling the HIV/AIDS epidemic over the past decade. However, it still affects many people, especially in rural areas where individuals are 3 times more likely to be directly affected by HIV/AIDS.

Correct management is essential to ensuring that rates continue to drop and fewer children become orphans due to this deadly disease. Stand by Me provides each family affected by HIV/ AIDS with food and medication. This, alongside the training and support they receive, helps families stay strong and healthy.

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