Covid will not mean an end to education for our children

Colombia Wednesday, 23 June 2021
Covid will not mean an end to education for our children

The Emmanuel Care Centre, in Colombia, was established to give food, medical care, counselling and education support to the poorest children in the area. Educating children is the best way to help them escape a future of poverty. Although government schools are free, they often have a low standard of education and so the Emmanuel Care Centre provides homework clubs to give extra support. Stand by Me also provides children with uniforms, books and school resources to give them everything they need for school.

Due to Covid, most children can no longer attend school in person and are sent schoolwork remotely from their teachers. Many students are unable to get support from their family, as they had little to no education themselves. Some children cannot even receive the work as they have no devices that can access the internet.

The Emmanuel Care Centre homework clubs are allowing students to still access education and use resources such as books, worksheets and computers. In a time when Covid has changed everything, the Care Centre remains a place of education, love and support. The students are flourishing under the support they receive.

“Children enjoy coming to the Care Centre. They like to learn and ask for help when they have doubts. In these difficult times when the virus has changed everything, they find the Care Centre a place where they can freely express and share their experiences and feelings. Some students have even received virtual congratulations from their teachers, for how hard they have worked on their school activities.” Bibiana, Colombia Project Director.

Enabling our children to not only access education but thrive in their studies is an essential part of Stand by Me’s care. We are empowering them and equipping them with the skills to prosper later in life and escape a future of poverty. We are showing our children that they are loved and supported always.

There are still many children who are missing out on an education, trapped in poverty. We want to do more to bring hope into their situations. Will you support the Emmanuel Care Centre or sponsor a child in Colombia today?

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