Building beds for 907 of our kids!

Ethiopia Thursday, 29 April 2021
Building beds for 907 of our kids!

Here at Stand by Me we want the best for our children and to do all we can to improve their circumstances. Our kids are getting a great education and are on their way to becoming everything they were born to be, but we know many of our kids go home to sleep on the cold ground every night.

And so our dream is that every child in our care will be able to sleep in a bed. And this year 85 individuals, families, schools and youth groups took part in our February on the floor challenge to help us start to achieve this dream and change their lives for the better.

The amazing fundraisers slept on the floor, some for a weekend, some for a week and others for even longer, sacrificing their sleep so that our kids could have a good night’s sleep every night. 

Thanks to these amazing fundraisers and everyone who generously donated, we raised an incredible total of 907 beds.

This amazing total will mean that we will be able to reach our dream in Ethiopia, where the majority of our children were sleeping on the floor, and ensure that every child in our care there will have a bed in their home. We will also be able to replace broken beds and worn mattresses as well as provide some additional beds for children who are currently sharing their bed with their family members.

We have witnessed the joy and excitement that a comfortable bed brings to a family who have only ever experienced sleeping on the floor. Therefore we can’t wait for the new beds to be built, distributed and received by our kids and their families.  

We are so grateful for everyone who has made this possible. Every bed will mean so much to a child, showing them they are loved and transforming their sleep, helping them wake up every day rested, ready to learn and dream of a bright future.

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