Working Hard and Dreaming Big

Ethiopia Friday, 08 March 2024
Working Hard and Dreaming Big

‘Bright’ and ‘ambitious’ are the two words staff at our Bethany School in Ethiopia use to describe past student Birtukan. Her story serves as an inspiration, an example of “one determined student whose aspirations soared beyond the confines of limited resources.”

Working selling tea and plastic, Birtukan’s parents’ wages were not enough to support the family of eight’s basic needs and she was therefore unable to attend school.

In 2006 she joined the care of our Bethany School where she received a quality education, healthcare and nutritious food that has helped her to thrive. There she grew in self-confidence, flourishing in all areas of her studies and getting the education that so many children in Ethiopia lack.

In Ethiopia an estimated 13 million children are out of school often having to work in order to help at home. The Covid-19 pandemic and ongoing conflicts are just some of the many reasons why over 40% of children do not complete their primary education and only 33% progress onto secondary school. Children from poor homes have little to no support with their studies. Many of their parents are illiterate and unable to help their children with their educational pursuits, and with no electricity, these kids often study by candlelight.

Getting into college alone was an amazing achievement for Birtukan, and there she dedicated herself to her studies, graduating last year with a degree in Accounting and Finance and achieving the equivalent of an upper second-class. She now works for the finance department of a worldwide car importer and her new job allows her to not only support herself but also provide financial stability for her family.

Birtukan’s achievements serve as a testament to her hard work and dedication, overcoming the many obstacles that may have stopped her pursing a better life, and her success is an inspiration to not only her peers but also to the younger students of Bethany School. 

A staff member explained what her achievements meant to the children: “As Birtukan continues to thrive in her career, her journey remains a beacon of inspiration for Bethany School, motivating students to dream big, work hard, and believe in the possibilities that education can unlock.”

We hope that, like Birtukan, our many children across the world will dream big, work hard and one day go on to do great things.

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