The life changing gift of a bed

Kenya Friday, 26 January 2024
The life changing gift of a bed

Five-year-old Emmanuel sat on his bed with tears in his eyes. At first glance it appeared that these were tears of sadness, but that day he had in fact cried many tears of joy.

As the February on the Floor team entered the house to assemble the beds, he stood timidly at the door watching on. He had never slept on a bed before, nor had his siblings or his aunt who told us: “This is going to be a very unique experience”.

Once assembled, Emmanuel sat on his new bed and picked up his pillow and blanket, curiously inspecting all that he had been given. Then he asked if the items belonged to him“Yes, yes, they do. You will never have to sleep on the floor again.” His aunt replied. Emmanuel was overwhelmed with emotion, laying down on his bed and beginning to cry uncontrollably. After a difficult year and many challenges, Emmanuel was experiencing the uplifting love and support of our February on the Floor supporters.

The delivery of Emmanuel’s bed was a huge blessing, and it was almost as if he couldn’t believe it, spending the entire night touching his mattress in case he woke up and the bed was gone.

Now Emmanuel and his family can sleep well at night, no longer on the cold floor, but in a warm, comfortable bed. With a good night sleep, a smart uniform and bag and a nutritious breakfast, Emmanuel now starts his school day full of energy and ready to learn.

Thanks to our February on the Floor supporters, many children like Emmanuel will never have to sleep on the floor again. To find out more about how you can help other children pursue their dreams visit:

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