Angela finds a family of her own

Kenya Thursday, 11 April 2024
Angela finds a family of her own

Angela was abandoned when she just two months old, left alone on the side of a road. Thankfully she was found, taken to hospital and, shortly after, brought to our Open Arms Children’s Village in Kenya where she received the love and care she needed to grow into a bright and wonderful girl.

Seven years later, on the other side of town, a young woman had just taken her son to high school. As she went about her day, a thought lingered on her mind, she wanted to adopt a little girl and give her a loving home. At first, she was reluctant because she thought the process would be difficult but she had heard about the Stand by Me Open Arms Project and she felt in her heart that God was guiding her there. When she got in contact, our staff were pleased to give her instructions on what she needed to do to start the process to adopt.

Angela was now seven and doing very well. She was playing outside one day when she was introduced to the young woman:

“The woman was very kind and she played with me. I hoped she would visit again. She continued to visit me and I liked her very much. Whenever she left, I wished I could go with her and I missed her. Then they told me that she wanted to be my mother. I was so happy because my prayers had been answered. I now have an older brother and sister and a younger brother who I love very much. I am so thankful for my family and I am grateful that you helped me get here.”

Before Angela went to live with her adoptive mother and new family, an extensive assessment was carried out over many months. Both the government and Stand by Me worked diligently to ensure that she would be going to a safe place. Even now, the assessments continue regularly and her adoptive parents receive additional training to equip them to care and support Angela.

Our staff recently visited Angela in her new home. She was full of joy and her compassionate, smart and kind personality was shining brightly now that she was part of a family of her own. 

“I have a real mum now. I pray that your doors always remain open so that you can make other families as happy as you have made us.”

Over the years we have rescued and given a home to hundreds of children like Angela at our children’s village. As we endeavour to give them the best future, some will stay with us a short time and we will celebrate with them when they are fostered, adopted or reintegrated with their biological family, while others will stay longer and will grow up in our Stand by Me family. However long they stay, they will always know they are loved.

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