Support leads to success

Ethiopia Thursday, 26 May 2022
Support leads to success

Bacha lives in a small one-roomed mud house with his brother, two sisters and father. His father has poor health and struggles to provide for his children’s needs, however he is a determined man and has fought for his children to have everything they need. They cannot afford to move house and so Bacha walks for an hour every day to get to school.

When Stand by Me learnt of Bacha’s situation in 2019, we provided healthcare for his father and covered the family’s rent. Bacha joined our Bethany School and since then, he has thrived academically. Bacha was the first Bethany School student to score 99.1 % in his grade 8 first semester exam. He has also bloomed in his character and confidence. Bacha has great potential to have a bright future which will change his and his family’s lives.

“Before, I used to think a lot about the problems we have at home during my study time. As soon as I began thinking about the problems at home, I got emotional and struggled to concentrate. But thanks to the unwavering support from Stand by Me, sending my father to get medical attention and monthly support to pay the house rent took the burden off my shoulders. Now I can focus and concentrate and achieve the best grade.” 

Bacha is an excellent student with a heart for others. He voluntarily began to give tutorials to his classmates. He is a natural leader amongst his classmates and is an example to other students to respect teachers. We are so proud of what Bacha has achieved with our support, the encouragement of his family and the support of his sponsors.

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