Celebrating our kids

Monday, 25 April 2022
Celebrating our kids

We love to celebrate our kids, and birthdays allow us to do this. Our kids come from terrible backgrounds, they were born into the poorest communities, written off by society. But we surround them with care, love and attention and watch them thrive.

In Colombia, many of our children recently celebrated their birthdays together. All the kids enjoyed cake, snacks and games with all their friends.

Yina said: "I am thankful because on my birthday I wanted to have a party, but  it was not possible. I only received a gift that my sponsors sent me. Today when I arrived at the programme and saw the classroom decorated for my birthday, it made me very happy, I ate cake, snacks and I received a gift voucher to choose what I wanted!"

Jeferson said: "When they told me they were going to celebrate my birthday, I was happy and I went to cut my hair to look good . Thank you very much sponsors for this birthday, I love you very much!"

It’s vital that our children feel loved and valued, and these celebrations help make that happen. But what impacts our kids most is having a sponsor who sends gifts and cards. 

Our kids are proud to know they each have someone who is celebrating them on their birthday. Child sponsorship gives our kids a relationship with a sponsor who loves them and helps them feel part of a wider family.

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