Spreading love this Easter

Tuesday, 12 April 2022
Spreading love this Easter

This Easter, we had the joy of sending many of our sponsors letters and drawings mailed or emailed from their sponsor children. Our children love corresponding with their sponsors and treasure the letters and emails they get in response. Children like Neem.

Neem lived in a remote village in Myanmar, accessible only on foot. Her father was unable to work, so the family struggled to afford food, clothes and schooling. In 2016, when Neem was 11 she joined one of our homes and was sponsored. Neem now had everything she needed: food, clothes, medical care and quality education. But more importantly, Neem has sponsors who support her. Her sponsor help Neem feel loved, cared for and part of a family.

Neem is now a confident, caring girl. She is doing well at school and loves to sing and dance. Neem has even improved her English, thanks to her sponsors.

“It is my great joy and pleasure to write this springtime letter to you and let you know how I am here, thinking of you always. I am doing well by the grace of God and through your prayer support. Thank you very much for loving and caring for me. I am always thinking of you and praying for you.” 
Neem, Myanmar

Child sponsorship is so much more than a monthly donation; we believe a relationship with a sponsor is an essential part of a child’s development, self-esteem and wellbeing. Being part of a wider family helps a child know they are loved and accepted for who they are.

We love reading our children’s messages of love and thanks to their sponsors. Their words express just how much their love, encouragement and care mean to them. We know that our children around the world will be enjoying their Easter celebrations thanks to the support of their sponsors.

You can find out more about child sponsorship and how you can change a child’s life here.

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