Changing lives with education

Ethiopia Thursday, 21 July 2022
Changing lives with education

Meseret grew up in Ethiopia with her mother, sister, and three brothers in a single-room mud hut. Since her father left the family, they have struggled. Her mother has poor health, so providing food for all her children was a struggle. The family couldn’t afford to send Meseret to school, so she stayed home to help her mother with chores and care for her disabled brother. Everything changed for the family in 2013 when Meseret received sponsorship to attend our Bethany School.

Meseret thrived at school. She received nutritious food daily, medical care when needed, and all the equipment she needed to make the most of her education.

Meseret is now in grade 7 and one of the top students in the school scoring the highest result in her class this semester. She is a role model for other students. Meseret shows that, with support, anyone can overcome their challenging situations and excel.

Meseret said: “There is no secret to my academic achievement. I am changing my life with education. I have no money and no other power to change my family and my life, but I have an education thanks to Stand by Me. All the facilities are here for me, so I want to use my chance for change.”

Meseret is now using her opportunity to help others. She is always willing to help her classmates and give them tuition. Her teachers are proud to see how she has grown in ability and confidence. Meseret has ambitions of becoming a teacher one day, and we know she will go on to do incredible things.

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