Yoseph's Graduated!

Ethiopia Monday, 26 December 2022
Yoseph's Graduated!

Yoseph joined our Bethany School in Ethiopia when it opened in 2006. His parents were unable to provide him with his basic needs so we welcomed him to our school where he received a quality education, nutritious food, healthcare and family support. Our wonderful staff worked hard to give Yoseph all the support and love he needed to reach his potential. We met his basic needs and supported his family to become more self-sufficient. Sponsors helped encourage Yoseph to work hard and gave him a sense of pride to know he had support from around the world.

Yoseph is one of our first Bethany School students who has been inspirational to many other students. When he joined our school, he was a shy seven-year-old, but he was always enthusiastic and eager to learn. Soon Yoseph became one of the top students in the school. He scored the top grade in his Grade 8 exam, earning him a Government regional award. Yoseph dreamt big and worked hard to reach that dream. His hard work paid off and he was accepted into a university to study Psychiatry.

His university journey was bumpier than he expected due to the pandemic and political turmoil in Ethiopia and a family loss. He switched to Gondar University (one of the best medical schools in the country). In 2022, Yoseph graduated with an exceptional 3.8 GPA and became one of the few mental health practitioners in the country.

Yoseph said, "I believe God helped me all the way through my sponsor and Stand by Me.”

 Thank you for supporting our children and helping them break the cycle of poverty to reach their full potential.

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