From Fort Augustus to Inverness Castle for our kids in Ethiopia

Ethiopia Friday, 18 November 2022
From Fort Augustus to Inverness Castle for our kids in Ethiopia

A team from Marchmont, an Investment Management company, have taken on the tough but incredible challenge of travelling from Fort Augustus to Inverness Castle by bike, canoe and finishing with a run, covering approximately 56km collectively. They have taken on this challenge to support our Stand by Me kids in Ethiopia and give them a chance at a brighter future.

Marchmont‚Äôs support will help to provide our newly enrolled children in Ethiopia with the gift of school uniforms. These will be the only suitable, warm clothes many of our children own. Gifting new uniforms gives our children dignity and is a great start for their time at our school.

Their fundraising is also helping with our ambitious plans to build a High School Centre for our children in further education. The High School Centre will provide a base for our Stand by Me children at the local government high school to come and receive their daily food, medical care, loving support, and essential tuition to help them excel at their studies. This centre is a much-needed piece of the puzzle which will support our children as they seek a future free of poverty.

Thank you to everyone at Marchmont and all those who generously donated as they took on their adventurous challenge. We look forward to sharing with you the impact of your support on our children in Ethiopia soon.

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