Christmas Gifts for your Sponsored Child

Thursday, 10 November 2022
Christmas Gifts for your Sponsored Child

We have seen time after time the impact child sponsorship can have. We have seen that when a child is given lasting love and support from a sponsor, alongside education and holistic care, they can reach their potential and break the cycle of poverty. Many Stand by Me children came from the most desperate circumstances and are now at high school, university, or pursuing their careers.

This Christmas is the perfect time to show your sponsor child you are thinking of them!

We believe a relationship with a sponsor is essential to their development, self-esteem and well-being. Being part of a wider family helps them know they are loved and accepted for who they are.

Our kids love to receive letters and photos. You can email your child by sending your message to Or you can send a monetary gift. Our kids are overjoyed to be able to pick their own gifts from a local shop. They can choose anything from clothes, toys or even a new bag for school. Monetary gifts ensure our children can receive something they want or need, while also benefitting the local economy!

You can give between £10 - £25 to buy a gift for your child here. If you want to give more than £25, we will use the extra to provide gifts for unsponsored children.

Please include your child's details in the subject line of your Christmas message email and when sending a Christmas gift online.

Thank you to all our amazing sponsors who make Christmas so special for our kids around the world!

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