Meet the newest member of our Stand by Me family

Ethiopia Friday, 14 April 2023
Meet the newest member of our Stand by Me family

Because of our supporters, whenever we meet a child in exceptional need, our projects around the world can respond and provide them with life-changing care. 

Outside the local mosque, not far from our Bethany School in Ethiopia, a young boy was wandering alone in the rain. He was crying and looking for his mother when someone noticed him. The young boy told them his name was Khalid.

After searching the area and appealing to the crowd in the mosque, it was clear that no one knew who or where the boy’s mother was and so he was brought to the local administration office who found him a foster family.

But it wasn’t long until the family had to take him to the local hospital; unwell, his foot swollen and his belly distended. When the doctors told the foster family his medical results, the foster family refused to take him home. Khalid was instead given to the police station where he stayed, scared and alone, until our Bethany Project Director, Brook, received a call asking Stand by Me to help.

Brook rushed to see Khalid and gave him clean, warm clothes. He immediately took him to the hospital and met with the hospital director to ensure Khalid would get whatever medical attention he needed.

Thanks to Brook’s resolve, the hospital gave Khalid a bed and we ensured he had a friendly face staying with him day and night as he received treatment.

From Khalid’s words and dialect, we believe he is from a town 50km away. We contacted the local authorities in his hometown, but no child had been reported missing and his mother was nowhere to be found. 

Brook said “Given his medical issues, no one will have him to their houses which is a sad reality. If we are not able to locate his family, the best option is to have him under our care where he would be loved.” 

Khalid desperately needed a family, a home and a lot of love and so we welcomed him into our Bethany Children’s Village. He now has a place to call home and is making progress. We even discovered that he loves dancing to music!

God has entrusted Khalid to us and it's only thanks to your support that we can rescue abandoned children like him and provide them with everything they need to grow and feel safe.

Khalid will need daily nutritious meals, healthcare, vaccinations, new clothes and, most importantly, the love of a family to help him recover from his trauma. We know that with the right care, God's love and your help, Khalid’s life will be transformed.  

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