The Gift of a New Uniform

Kenya Tuesday, 11 April 2023
The Gift of a New Uniform

Last year, we celebrated over 200 birthdays at our Open Arms project in Kenya. Before each child’s birthday, we would ask them what gift they wanted so we know they will get something they will treasure. Most of our children asked for new clothes for their birthday. Clothes mean more to these children than just a way to be fashionable. Most of the children from the community have never owned new clothes.

Carlos is 12 years old, he attends Open Arms Academy with his younger brother. As the oldest child, he has taken on the role of being the protector. Often, his clothes looked worn out and sometimes dirty. He often gives his younger brother his new school shorts and socks and takes the old ones for himself. The boys only had a tiny bar of soap to wash their clothes and for bathing. He always gave priority to his brother.

“My brother is still young, and I don’t want him to feel like he doesn’t have nice things. I don’t wash my clothes everyday. But I have to wash my brother’s each day. I want him to feel nice because good and clean clothes make people feel nice.”

Over the past few months, preparations have been made to help set up the Junior Secondary School at our Open Arms Village. In addition to having more classes and a new lab, the students also have a new uniform. The tailor has been sewing black trousers and black skirts for the students. One of the students who got new clothes is Carlos. When he was given his new pair of trousers to try on, he couldn’t stop smiling.

“I like this uniform. My brother looks nice and so do I. We could even work in an office!” he told us excitedly.

Your support helps us to provide a ray of sunshine for this kind boy and his brother. The tailor, the material, the thread and the hours used to get the clothes ready are possible thanks to you.

“When I wear these good clothes, I feel like I matter”, said Carlos.

Thanks to our sponsors and supporters, we are about to provide our kids with what they need to be at school. This consistent support system is enabling Carlos and the other children at Open Arms Junior Secondary School to be make the most of this academic opportunity.

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