Bethany School Success

Ethiopia Thursday, 23 March 2023
Bethany School Success

Rahel was one of the first students to join our Bethany School in Ethiopia in 2006. Before she lived with her mother in a small, rented mud hut. Her mother received less than £15 a month which wasn’t enough to send her daughter to school with school materials and provide her with her basic needs. Consequently, her family lived in a very poor condition and needed urgent support.

After she joined our Bethany school, life changed for Rahel. She received regular nutritious food, medical care when needed, clothes, shoes and most importantly a life-changing education.

Rahel thrived at school, she was enthusiastic about her studies as she knew this was her opportunity to break the cycle of poverty for herself and her family. Maths and English were her favourite subjects and she worked hard every day to succeed.

She was a clever student and had a very good relationship with her classmates and teachers. Thanks to her hard work, Rahel made the most of her opportunity and was accepted into university. She graduated with a remarkable result in Plant science and is now working in the government TVET College as an instructor and earning a good salary.

Our dream is for all our kids to reach their full potential and become who they were created to be. With their hard work and the lasting support of their sponsors we know they can rise above their circumstances, reach their full potential and go on to do great things.

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