Obed's Story

Myanmar Wednesday, 22 February 2023
Obed's Story

Obed used to live with his grandparents in a rural village, with no electricity and no school. His grandparents were elderly and struggled to care for him and provide him with everything he needed, so in 2013 he came to live at our Mercy Home in Myanmar. He was malnourished and in poor health due to his living situation but after some time in our care Obed started to thrive.

“In my country, there are so many poor people. They have many difficulties to live, eat, go to school and so on. But the children under Stand by Me are so blessed. They can go to school without any worries and stresses. They have friends (sponsors) from other country, and they are so happy and proud of it.”

At our Mercy Home, Obed was surrounded by love and care, he received medical treatment when needed, nutritious food daily and a life-changing education.

“The houseparent and elders treated me so well. I was so happy to see electric light, television, go to school and get friends and live with many family members at Mercy Home. And then, I got sponsors. They are like my friends, family from other country. They sent me letters and gifts. That was amazing. I feel like I am a prince.”

Thank you for sponsoring our children so they are cared for and know they are loved. Your support is changing children’s lives.

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