The Best Start to their Day

Kenya Thursday, 09 February 2023
The Best Start to their Day

Caleb lives in a small rental house with his sister in Kenya. He is supported to study at our Open Arms Academy and recently did his class 8 exams. Caleb's sister does manual work all day to provide food for them and get rent which she can pay for them. Their house doesn't have running water. They get water from a well which is close to their house. When Caleb started in Class 8, he struggled with his studies and so his teachers continued to work with him and provide him with extra support.

Last year, Caleb received a bed thanks to our February on the Floor fundraising event. After receiving the bed, Caleb's demeanour greatly improved. He appeared happier and his school work got better.

"When I got a bed, I was so overwhelmed with happiness. No one has ever given me such a gift. It made me a better person."

The gift of a bed helped Caleb have a good night’s sleep.

Now we want to help our kids like Caleb further by ensuring that every child has a good start to their day to prepare them for school. We know that having a good day of learning starts before arriving at school, it begins from the moment they wake up. For £127 we can equip our children new underwear and uniforms to give them dignity and walk tall, equip them with a new school bag and school resources so they are prepared to learn and provide daily breakfast to ensure they have the energy to concentrate at school.

Thanks to his comfy bed, uniforms, a school bag, book and stationery and a daily breakfast, Caleb was able to work hard at school. The results of his hard work showed when he increased from 187 marks at the start of Class 8 to scoring 267 marks in his national exam. Improving by 80 marks!

Thanks to our wonderful supporters and the fantastic staff at the Open Arms Academy, Caleb will surely continue to thrive and know he is loved . To find out more about how you can help other children have the best start to their day visit:

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