Our Graduating Superstars

Ethiopia Thursday, 08 September 2022
Our Graduating Superstars

When Kasahun joined our Bethany School in 2006, aged 11, he had never regularly attended school as his mother could not afford the required school materials. Their only income came from renting a small plot of land, which was not enough to cover basic needs of food, rent and medical care.

Abraham also joined our Bethany school in 2006 when he was nine. He lived with his parents and four siblings in poverty, with his father earning less than £20 a month to provide for the family. They needed support to provide for their children.

At our Bethany School, Kasahun and Abraham received regular meals, medical care, loving support, and education that changed the course of their lives. Both boys loved attending school and continued to thrive socially and academically, passing their exams with excellent marks.

16 years after joining our Bethany school, Kasahun and Abraham have graduated from two of Ethiopia's top universities! Kasahun graduated with a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Abraham has graduated with a degree in Bio-System Engineering.

Throughout these 16 years, Kasahun and Abraham have been surrounded by loving care and guidance from staff, friends and sponsors. Our dream for every Stand by Me’s child is that they can utilise our support to rise above their circumstance and create a better future for themselves and their family, breaking the cycle of poverty.

Sponsoring a child helps to support the cost of their education and care and gives them the confidence to dream big for their future. Visit our sponsorship page to stand by a child today.

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