Hannah, Shally and Martha receive great results

Myanmar Sunday, 08 September 2019
Hannah, Shally and Martha receive great results

In Yangon, one of the largest cities in Myanmar (formerly Burma), our children’s homes are looking after orphaned and abandoned children. We are proud that three of our students at the Yangon Children’s Village passed their grade 10 matriculation exams, graduating from High School.

In Burma, the majority of students fail their matriculation due to a low standard of teaching in government schools and therefore they cannot progress any further in their education, limiting their employment opportunities. However, our children have passed this difficult stage in their education; their home parents and teachers are incredibly proud of them.

Hannah, Shally and Martha have been in our care many years, and although have all been through hardship, Stand by Me has helped them overcome obstacles and they have worked hard in their education.

Hannah passed with distinction in two subjects, Shally passed with distinction in one subject and Martha also passed her matriculation. Hannah and Shally will be joining University and Martha has chosen to study at Bible College while continuing to live at the children’s home, helping to look after the younger children.

Through their hard work, the support of Stand by Me and the care of their sponsors, these three girls have a fantastic education to help them learn and have hope for a much brighter future. 

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