Happy feet for every Stand by Me child

Wednesday, 25 February 2015
Happy feet for every Stand by Me child

Thanks to all of your kind donations our children worldwide had a fantastic Christmas and are now walking, running and jumping in their new footwear. Your generosity has enabled Stand by Me to give the gift of shoes to every child in our care.

From Burma to Moldova, Guatemala to Ethiopia the joy of new shoes has brought great excitement and pleasure to very needy children, the majority of whom have never before owned brand-new shoes and many who were receiving shoes for the very first time.

In Tamu, Northern Burma our children were able to go to the local market to choose their shoes. Shopping for their shoes made sure each child had a pair of shoes to fit and protect their feet but also a pair of shoes that they feel proud wearing. Neng Suan Hau exclaimed “This is the first time for me to choose the shoes I like. Now I have what I need and like."

In the Dominican Republic many of our kids at the Eva Russell School live in small one-roomed shacks made of wood and corrugated iron. The excitement in the classrooms rocketed as each child opened their shoe box and discovered their shoes. Their beaming smiles showing the incredible joy that shoes bring, helping each child realise their self worth. Karolin Suleimy Soto told her teacher “The most beautiful shoes I ever had!”

Every child in the poverty stricken town of Dembi Dollo in Ethiopia is all too aware of the grave consequences of walking barefoot over dirty and rough ground. Thankfully every child now has a pair of shoes and can enjoy the benefits of the protection and comfort they bring; allowing them to remain healthy, attend our Abdi Academy and reach their full potential. Sena Birhane Yohanis expressed her gratitude saying “I never thought I will wear shoe but through your help, I’m able to wear such a beautiful shoe. My feet are now safe and protected. Thank you so much.”

A big thank you from every child whose feet our now warm, comfortable and protected. Due to your care and generosity you have brought a great deal of happiness and joy to very needy children in such a practical way. To find out about our new appeal to build a Shan State children’s village for children in Burma please visit our fundraising page.

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