Hling’s future is secure at Sophia Academy

Myanmar Wednesday, 11 February 2015
Hling’s future is secure at Sophia Academy

Chin Nei Hling has experienced firsthand the corruption of the military government in Tamu, Burma, where the Stand by Me Sophia Academy is providing needy kids with an education.

Hling is the oldest of four children; her parents owned and worked on a large paddy field and provided the family with everything they needed to live. One day the military came and held a gun to her father’s head. As her father pleaded, the soldiers threatened the family and took the field from them. Without the field, Hling’s family lost all their income and source of food.

Hling’s parents had to work for a neighbour and they struggled to afford to send Hling and her siblings to the government school. When Hling did get to go to school she felt excluded and was treated differently as she did not have a uniform. A generous classmate gave her an old worn uniform, and Hling wore it all year until it was physically too small for her.

Now Hling attends the new Sophia Academy and receives free education. The education is of a much higher standard than of that in the government schools and Hling now feels happy and included. Hling’s life was turned upside down when her parents unjustly lost their paddy field but at the Sophia Academy Hling’s future is secure. We want to give Hling the best life possible, we want to give her the joy of having a sponsor to care for her needs, encourage her and help her feel valued. To change the life of a child like Hling through sponsorship, please visit our child sponsorship page.

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