Kung Hmong is welcomed to the family

Myanmar Monday, 14 May 2018
Kung Hmong is welcomed to the family

Kung Hmong has been grinning from ear to ear since joining our Mercy family at our Shan State Children’s Village. Before joining our family, Kung Hmong didn't get the chance to smile much, often survival was the only thing on his mind. 

Kung Hmong lived with his parents and his older brother Chuak Pouh in a bamboo hut. His father could not walk and was unable to work, leaving Kung Hmong's mother to provide for her family's needs. Her earnings were barely enough to feed the family and Kung Hmong and his brother could not afford to go to school. 

Kung Hmong's mother, the sole provider for the family, sadly suffered a heart attack, which meant she was unable to work. The family spiralled into despair, with no income, the children had no other choice but to wander the streets, searching for food, hoping that someone would lend them a helping hand. 

Thankfully someone did lend a hand. Some of the villagers brought Kung Hmong and his brother to our Shan State Children's Village. There we welcomed them with open arms.

At the Mercy Home, Kung Hmong and his brother have everything they need; food, clothes, healthcare, a bed, the chance to go to school and hope to reach their full potential. As a Stand by Me child, Kung Hmong will receive loving care as part of our family and will be free to enjoy his childhood, a stark contrast to wandering the streets looking for food. No wonder Kung Hmong has such a wide smile. 

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