Lifting kids off the ground and into their first bed

Ethiopia Monday, 27 January 2020
Lifting kids off the ground and into their first bed

We’re doing everything we can to make a difference in our kids' lives. Yet many return home after school to go to sleep on the hard, cold ground alongside their parents and siblings. Without a warm bed to snuggle into our kids wake up tired and unprepared for the day to come.

But a bed can change all that.

Our new February on the floor challenge is simple, sleep on the floor for a week and raise £140 in sponsorship to provide a cosy bed, comfortable mattress, soft pillow and warm blanket. The bed will benefit the whole family so your week of discomfort will be giving them all a good night’s sleep, every night!

 “Since I got the bed gift, I have sweet sleep now and my family have no worry of sleeping on floor.”
Ifera, Ethiopia

Will you join in this February and transform a child’s sleep, bringing them joy and helping them wake up every day rested, refreshed and ready for a day of learning and fun.

Visit to find out more and sign up!

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