Meet Jean Carlos

Dominican Republic Thursday, 26 January 2017

Cheeky chappy Jean Carlos, age nine, lives in Monte Plata in the Dominican Republic. He’s had an unsettled life which began when his father was sent to prison with a 15 year sentence for murder. His mother tried to look after Jean Carlos and his younger sister Jatnna, but she had to resort to desperate measures to earn money. Jean Carlos’s mother met the father of her third child while working in a brothel.

Jean Carlos lives in a basic home with his mum, ‘step father’, sister and baby brother. His mother and step father's relationship is unhealthy; this is emotionally difficult for Jean Carlos. And food is still scarce at home.

When he first joined our Eva Russell School, Jean Carlos had a hard time getting along with other children and concentrating in class. He often got into fights. Now thanks to some loving care and the support of his teachers, he channels his fighting spirit into learning to read and write and has made lots of friends to play marbles with at recess.

Jean Carlos has a special interest in animals, especially bugs. He is growing in health as he gets to eat a nutritious meal each day, as does his sister who also attends our school. This is a great help for his mother as both children are coming home fed. Slowly but surely, a great education, medical help, loving care and supportive relationships are changing Jean Carlos's life. 

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