Meet Krupa* and her siblings

Nepal Tuesday, 12 July 2016
Meet Krupa* and her siblings

Krupa* and her siblings Samir* and little Rachita* were three of the poorest children Stand by Me had ever come across. We met them in a remote and mountainous area. Their hair was red because they were malnourished and they had never washed.

The siblings live with their mother and father in a small hillside house. They are from the ‘Chepang’ caste, considered one of the lowest in society. Illiterate and without the knowledge to manage their finances, the family were bonded in debt, working endlessly to repay them.

The family slipped further into debt and poverty as their own land could not produce enough crops to feed themselves, let alone make any profit. With no water supply in their home, Krupa's six year old sister Rachita takes an hour's trip every day to collect water.

We knew that without an education and help to provide nutritious meals their future was bleak.

Krupa and her brother Samir now receive a quality education while living at the Stand by Me hostel in term time. An education in the city will help them rise above their caste and poverty and reach their potential. So that children like Rachita and many of her friends can attend school without moving to the city, we are building a school in the Khairang.

Rachita will attend our school in her village to learn basic literacy and numeracy. Like all our kids, she will also receive teaching on healthcare, how to avoid being trafficked, early marriage and other risks.

All three children are much healthier and happier now that they know they are valued, cared for and loved beyond measure. Join with us to build a school and transform the lives of the poorest children and their families, because every child deserves an education.

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