5 reasons why we love being a sponsor

Wednesday, 29 June 2016
5 reasons why we love being a sponsor

1. You reach across the world and connect to a Stand by Me child

When you become a sponsor, your monthly donations provide for your sponsored child’s individual needs. You get connected with a child in Ethiopia, Burma, Colombia, the Dominican Republic or one of the other countries where we work.

2. You get to know your child

You can communicate with your child through letter or email and through their replies you get to know their history, hopes and dreams. Reading snippets into our kids’ lives and hearing about what they’re up to in their own words is what child sponsorship is all about.

3. You can send gifts

A small gift such as stickers, sweets, pencils or a bookmark will bring incredible joy to your sponsored child. It reminds them that you are thinking about them and care about them enough to send them something special. These things are so precious to them, kept safe and admired. 

4. You hear about their progress

Progress reports are sent yearly to update you on your child’s family circumstances, educational progress, social progress, achievements and development. It’s more than a school report, it’s an update from our staff who know our kids best. When you receive their progress reports it’s great to let them know how proud you are of them and encourage them in areas where they struggle.

5. You change a child's life

Your money directly provides your child with nutritious food, clothes, uniform, a great education, medical care and, if necessary, loving parents and a family home. This care transforms your child’s life, helps them escape poverty and reach their potential. But just as importantly, your support and encouragement lets them know that they are loved and are part of a wider family across the world.

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