Wilton was one hundredth on a waiting list to go to school

Dominican Republic Wednesday, 22 June 2016
Wilton was one hundredth on a waiting list to go to school

All Wilton wanted was to go to school. But he was one hundredth on a waiting list to attend a school in a chicken shed. The chicken shed school in the Dominican Republic was run by a compassionate couple who taught children with few resources and provided then with a meal of bread each day.

When we met Wilton, saw his cheeky smile and heard his story, we knew we couldn't let him carry on waiting indefinitely to go to school. So we built the Eva Russell School to give Wilton, and children like him, a great education and regular meals.

At our school, Wilton grew from a challenging pupil to a mature young man. As our kids grow, we equip them with the skills to become independent young adults. Wilton went on to train to be a doctor at medical school.  

Even when our kids grow up and leave our care, they will always be our kids. It’s great to hear from them and how they are getting on with life. We recently received a fantastic photo of Wilton helping in surgery and we almost burst with pride.

Once a lovable tearaway, now a skillful surgeon, there is nothing better than seeing Wilton’s life transformed through Stand by Me’s support.

Stand by... almost there...