A very special gift for Sophia Home

Myanmar Wednesday, 15 June 2016
A very special gift for Sophia Home

Tamu is a town in Burma located close to the border of India, plagued with poverty, drugs and corruption, many families lives have been destroyed. The Stand by Me Sophia Home cares for orphaned and abandoned children in a happy family environment where they can grow up in love and security. We also provide a quality education for hundreds of children in Tamu who live in extreme poverty at our Sophia Academy.

June the 6th had been a normal day at Sophia Academy. It was early evening , the children were finishing their last tutoring session and the caretaker went to unlock the school gate so the children could head home to their families. As he approached the gate he heard the cries of a baby. Following the cries, he was amazed to find a tiny baby wrapped in cloth under the tree beside the gate. The baby had been abandoned.

He quickly gathered up the crying baby in his arms and brought her inside the Sophia Home. It wasn’t long until everyone gathered around in wonder at the little girl.

We don’t know anything about the background of this young baby or what situation caused her mother to leave her to the Sophia Home. But left with the baby was a section torn out of a calendar with the date ‘28th May’ which we believe to be her date of birth, this would mean she was only nine days old.

The family at the Sophia Home are thankful that the baby’s mother believed that the home will be a safe and loving environment for her. The Stand by Me family have taken the baby into their home and into their hearts. They have named her Naomi and we know that she will be showered with love and hugs and cared for as one of their own.

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