Maiya* dreams of becoming a teacher

Nepal Friday, 03 June 2016
Maiya* dreams of becoming a teacher

Maiya* dreams of becoming a teacher. But she’s from the a remote area in Nepal, where the nearest school is hours away and children are trapped in isolation, illiteracy and poverty.

Thankfully Maiya is one of the fortunate ones, she now gets a great education at our children’s hostel in the city in term time. But there are many more children who are desperate for the same opportunity. 

So we are building a school in the heart of her home village, allowing us to bring education where it is needed most. The school will become a centre for education, where we can reach out to hundreds of children like Maiya and give them a chance for a better future. Building the school, equipping it and providing teachers in such a remote area will be a major challenge but one we are pleased to accept.

Help us bring love to the forgotten and neglected children of Nepal and join us in building a school. With your help, there is hope.

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