Obed recovers from a broken leg

Myanmar Monday, 11 March 2019
Obed recovers from a broken leg

12 year old Obed is a playful boy with a creative mind and he brings a lot of joy to our Mercy family in Burma. He has lived at our Mercy Home in Shan since his grandmother, his sole carer, became to elderly to care for him when he was just six years old.

When Obed was playing football at school, his favourite sport, he got into an accident which resulted in a terrible break in his right leg.

His leg was severely broken and needed urgent medical attention. He had to undergo an operation to set his leg. Not long after the operation he could head home under strict instructions to follow the doctor’s advice, rest in bed and take his medication.

For the next few months, Obed wasn’t his usual playful self, encumbered by his cast. However, his adopted brothers and sisters helped him with his tasks and tried to cheer him up. Thankfully, Obed rested well and his leg recovered. It was a very happy day when he had his cast removed!

We’re so glad we could ensure Obed received the care he needed to thrive and that his broken leg wouldn’t hinder him from enjoying his childhood. Access to medical care is so important to maintaining our kids' health and wellbeing. 

Obed has been careful ever since and is happy to know he can start to play football again. It’s not often that our children have such serious medical needs but when they do, we do whatever it takes to help them make a full recovery, get back to school and back to their usual lively selves.

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