Providing for our kids needs

Friday, 25 February 2022
Providing for our kids needs

We are proud to know each of our children, we take time to understand their needs and hopes. We invest our time, love and attention raising them to know they are loved and accepted for who they are. By knowing each of our children so well, we can provide for their specific needs.

Two of our young people in Colombia have dreams of pursuing a technical career. To attend their online lessons, they were both using borrowed, old mobile phones which were not suitable for the work they needed to do. They were struggling with tiredness from focusing on small screens. To support them, we recently gifted them each with their own laptop. They can now attend virtual classes and learn new skills to help them achieve their dreams.

They were so excited, Ruben said: “I thank God, the Care Centre and my sponsors for such a special detail for me. Since I started studying, one of my difficulties was not having a computer. I reached the point of not wanting to carry out my academic activities. I am very grateful and wish blessings for this project so you can continue to fill hearts with hope and joy.”

Ariana shared: "When they gave me the computer I didn't know what to say because sometimes you don't expect to receive so much. Thank you very much to the Emmanuel Care Centre for being part of my achievements and helping me to overcome obstacles."

Throughout the world, our projects are equipping our children with skills and resources they need to thrive. For some of our children, their biggest obstacle is tiredness. Their homes are hot and have mosquitos making it hard for them to sleep at night. We recently gave some of our children a new fan.

Gereymis said: “I feel happy for this gift that they gave me, now I will be able to sleep better. Thank you Emmanuel Care Centre!"

We are so grateful that we can care for all of our children’s needs to show them they are truly loved and cared for.

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