Why our supporters are giving up their beds

Thursday, 10 February 2022
Why our supporters are giving up their beds

Like many of our fantastic supporters, one of our wonderful staff members, Jo, is sleeping on the floor this February to fundraise, she explains her reasons why on her fundraising page. We want to share these with you as they perfectly encompasses why we run February on the Floor appeal.

“May I share a couple of things with you about myself, one thing I love and one thing I struggle with:

1) I love my bed! It's my 'safe place'. It's where I go to have space for myself, to read, to pray, to reflect on the events of the day, to hope, to plan and to dream. I also get lots of comfy sleep there!

2) I struggle with asking people for money. If I'm honest I don't enjoy embarking on sponsored events (am I allowed to say that?) and having to approach others for money.

Giving up my bed for a week and asking for money are both out of my comfort zone. But February on the Floor is not about me, it's about the wonderful children who are part of Stand by Me's care. Whose little smiling or sad faces, runny noses and raggedy clothes I see on my computer screen as I sit at my desk in the Stand by Me office. It's about sharing their needs (in this case, a bed of their own) with people I know can help to supply them, and that's why I have finally decided to take on the challenge this year.

So, would you join me in helping to make this year’s February on the Floor a success, giving our children the chance to find their own 'safe space', a place to read, to pray, to hope and to dream. Along with getting lots of comfy sleep!”

We hope this message resonates with you as much as it did for us! If you want to sign up to sleep on the floor you can still do that here: February on the floor - Stand By Me

If you aren’t up for that, are you able to donate to help a child today? Whatever you give can have an impact, £4 can provide a pillow, £32 can provide a mattress and £140 can provide a whole bed with bedding!

Stand by... almost there...