Roda trains to become a nurse

Nepal Friday, 03 January 2014
Roda trains to become a nurse

Roda Sunar is from a Dalit family background, a caste in her society known as ‘untouchables’ and for whom life is particularly harsh. They are the lowest of castes, shunned by those around them, and often unable to obtain an education or a job. For Roda, her life changed when she came into the care of Stand by Me and with hard work and determination, she has excelled and has now been accepted onto a higher education nurses training course.

Growing up, life was a struggle as Roda’s parents were not able to earn enough to support the whole family. It was difficult for them to meet their basic living needs; often they did not have enough food at meal times or warm clothes to wear. Roda’s grandmother could no longer support her grandchild and realised that Roda needed an education, as well as nutritious food and a warm home, to help her escape the cycle of poverty. She brought her to our Children’s Hostel desperate for our help.

Roda studied at a local school for 12 years and completed her education with good grades. She is now on the path to becoming a nurse – a job which, for a ‘mere Dalit village girl’, was once out of her reach. Becoming a nurse will help Roda secure her future financially and allow her to reach out and help others in need.

Without a school uniform, Roda would not have been able to attend school and would not be in the position she is now. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, Roda was able to wear her smart school uniform, attend her classes and receive a good education.

If you would like to donate and help children like Roda receive a school uniform and a quality education then please visit our School Uniforms Project page – you can help brighten the future of our children. 

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