Stuck for your secret santa idea?

Thursday, 08 December 2011
Stuck for your secret santa idea?

Let us help you solve your problem! How about feeding a child in Ethiopia for an entire month, for just £5? Or a football for a child who might not receive a present this year? A pair of shoes for a child in Nepal, Burma or Colombia costs just £4 a pair.

We all struggle with what to buy for that certain someone in the workplace, or for dear old Uncle Jim, and who really wants another keyring or mug to clutter up the shelf? This year, why not buy a meaningful present that will make the world of difference to a child living in poverty?

When you choose a gift from our alternative gift catalogue, we will send you a card with a photograph inside, explaining what you have bought for a child in our care. Give us a call today to find out what you can buy for your secret santa! Call us on 0845 604 5543 – order by December 16th to receive your gift card in time for Christmas.

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